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Winter Snow New York Driving Conditions

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, along with State, County, and local municipal highway authorities, today urged local motorists to use caution while driving during the winter season. This safety message was delivered as part of a news conference launching Winter Weather Awareness Week, a County-wide initiative to educate the community about important winter weather issues. “Using good judgment on the road, especially during the winter, affects the safety of the entire community,” said Brooks. “While many of us have experience in driving under snowy and icy conditions, it is important that we all remain alert and cautious.”

“Plowing and salting of roads and highways is the basic course of action all highway departments use to keep driving conditions passable in winter weather,” said Charles E. Moynihan, regional director of the New York State Department of Transportation. “Unfortunately, the effectiveness of salt is greatly reduced once temperatures dip below 20 degrees. When temperatures go below that level, motorists need to know that roads may be slick and that driving habits must be adjusted accordingly.” “With snowstorms and cold weather already upon us, it is extremely important that our community adapts to driving in more difficult conditions,” said Terrence Rice, Director of the Monroe County Department of Transportation. “There are many steps motorists can take to drive more cautiously in winter weather, including things as simple as clearing your car of ice and snow before driving, allowing longer brake distances, and accelerating more slowly. By following guidelines like these, our community will be able to enjoy a safe winter season.”
“Now that winter is here, all of the municipal highway employees are busy cleaning the roads for your safe travel,” said David Widger, Ogden Superintendent of Highways and President of the Monroe County Highway Superintendents Association. “This doesn?t mean that all of the roads will be clean all the time. Each driver should adjust his or her speeds for the current conditions. Giving yourself additional travel time will also help you have a safe trip each time you are on the roadways. Driving too fast for road and weather conditions is usually the cause of winter accidents.” Appropriate action in frigid weather includes: reducing speed appropriately for road conditions, leaving more stopping distance between other vehicles, keeping vehicles free of snow accumulation to enhance visibility (including headlamps and taillights) and more regular monitoring of road conditions. Motorists are also reminded to keep a warm blanket, water, and other appropriate supplies in their vehicle in case they are stuck or stranded during cold weather conditions.


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