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Statistics of Alcohol Related Accidents in New York

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a  statistical report on the alcohol related accidents throughout the state in the  New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Summary of Alcohol related motor  vehicle accidents report released annually.   The alcohol related accident information is gathered accident reports  submitted to the NYSDMV.  These reports a  submitted by motorists and police agencies from across New York state annually  to form the completed report.

According to the report, in New York there were a total of  9,480 alcohol related accidents during the one year study including:

  • 344 fatal alcohol related accidents
  • 4,991 non-fatal alcohol related accidents
  • 4,145 property damage alcohol related accidents

These reported alcohol related accidents involved 15,096  motor vehicles and their occupants as follows:

  • 12,936 drivers
    • 9,117 drinking drivers
    • 3,819 non-drinking driver 
  • 18,222 occupants

Other people involved in these alcohol related accidents  include:

  • 403 pedestrians
  • 97 bicyclists 
  • 217 motorcyclists

The reported alcohol related accidents resulted in fatal and  non-fatal alcohol related motor vehicle accidents as follows:

  • 373 people were killed in fatal alcohol related  motor vehicle accidents
    • 239 drivers     
      • 215 drinking drivers   
      • 24 non-drinking drivers 
    • 65 passengers 
    • 62 pedestrians 
    • 7 bicyclists 
  • 7,175 people were injured in non-fatal alcohol  motor vehicle related accidents 
    • 4,593 drivers 
    • 2,072 passengers 
    • 362 pedestrians 
    • 90 bicyclists


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