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Thirty People Try to Save Pregnant Woman by Lifting Bus

Thirty residents of New York City are being considered heros when they banned together to save a pregnant traffic agent trapped under school bus. Unfortunately, the pregnant woman could not be saved, but her son was delivered safely at a hospital nearby. Thanks go out to the quick thinking strangers who rushed to help her.

Donnette Sanz was crossing the stresst in a Bronx neighborhood while on her way to lunch. A van, driven by a 72 year old man with 20 license suspensions, slammed into her. She was thrown into the path of an oncoming school bus.

The group of 30 bystanders were able to lift the 10,000 lb bus off of her body.

Sanz was 7 months pregnant at the time of the accident, and died 2 hours after the crash, but not before a caesarean section saved her son Sean Michael, who is expected to survive.

Walter Walker, the van's driver, is being held on charges of criminally negligent homicide. His excuse for driving without a license was because he had unpaid parking tickets. He says that the van's faulty breaks caused the accident.


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