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Significant Cases & Settlements

Municipal Liability Cases

Off-duty Police Officer Shoots Bystander in Car
While a customer at a Brooklyn beauty parlor, an off-duty NYPD officer gave chase to robbery suspects. He alleged that the suspects fired a gun. He claimed to have returned fire and hit the innocent driver of a car stopped at a light. Keith McKinley was a 43-year-old bank clerk when he was shot. He suffered a serious head wound. Keith Kleinick obtained a $1.5 million settlement for Mr. McKinley who is now on permanent disability.

$700,000 in Lead Poisoning Case
From October 1992 to April 1994 (before his children were found to have elevated blood lead levels) the father of seven-year and three-year-old daughters made numerous complaints regarding peeling paint in their apartment. However, no action was taken. A ten-day trial concluded with a verdict of $700,000 on behalf of the sisters.

$4.2 Million Settlement in Automobile Accident Case

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Other Significant Cases & Settlements

$5 Million in Medical Malpractice Case
A 29-year-old lawyer went to a Manhattan Hospital for treatment of low sodium. She was given too much sodium to correct her condition, known as hyponatremia. Physicians failed to monitor the procedure and her reaction properly. As a result, she suffered permanent brain damage and double vision. In addition, she is prone to falling and injuring herself. WKW obtained a $5 million settlement in 2003.

$3.86 Million in Partial Collapse of Building
A worker sustained multiple fractures of vertebrae and tibia/fibula when the parapet of wall falls. He suffered scarring, deforming disfigurement, psychological and neurological damages and multiple surgeries were required. Defendants conceded liability at trial and upon hearing medical and economic expert testimony, court awarded $3.86 million.

$1.5 Million in Premises Liability Case
A 79-year-old woman suffered four pelvic fractures and was bedridden for the remaining year of her life due to a fall caused by a selector malfunction which caused the elevator at her daughter's residence to stop in an unleveled position. A three-week trial concluded with a $1.5 million verdict.

College Student Exposed to Toxic Matter
A 21-year-old design school student was in an area of the school that was improperly ventilated. She was exposed to toxic chemicals including Benzine and developed aplastic amenia. Andrew Weitz obtained a $900,000 settlement for her.

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